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Wide voltage and current work scope; Higher precision; With constant pressure and constant flow model; Provides the output or internal switch, and has the preset parameters 16 groups; Convenient and quick.

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This programmable DC power has a wide voltage and current work scope, higher precision, with constant pressure and flow model, provides the output or internal switch, and has the preset parameters 16 groups, convenient and quick.

 *Low ripple, low excursion.

*High resolution, 10mV, 1mA.

*With inner auto-serial or parallel function.

*Convenient software calibration.

*High-stability, low-drift.

*OVP, OCP and OTP to protect power supply.

*The intelligence temperature-control fan noise is low/

Model PPS2320A
Channel CH1&CH2 CH3
Voltage 0-32V 2.5V/3.3V/5V
Current 0-2A,3A,5A 0-3A
Constant voltage 

Effect Source Effect:0.01%+3mV;
Load Effect: 
0.01%+3mV(Setting current3A);
0.02%+5mV setting current >3A)
Source Effect 5mV;
Load Effect
Gain Ripple and noise 5mVrms(5Hz-1MHz) 5mVrms
Reaction time Rise time ≦50ms(on load to full load) fall time:≦250mS(fall load to no load
Output range 0 to 32V Output voltage range set can be adjusted continuously
Constant current 
Effect Source effect:0.2%+3mA;
Load effect: 
Ripple  ≦3mArms
Output range 0 to the max output can be adjusted continuously
Parallel Source effect:0.01%+3mV;
Load effect:
0.01%+5mV(setting current3A);≦0.02%+5mV(setting current>3A)
Series  Source effect:0.01%+5mV;
Load effect:
Tracking error: 
display 4 digital display,red/green
Resolution Voltage:10mV(0-32V):
Current:1mA(Less than 10mA current shows are for reference only
Programming precision(25±5℃) Voltage:±(read values 0.5% + 2bit); Current:±(read values 0.5% + 2bit)
Read accuracy(25±5℃) Voltage:±(read values 0.5% + 2bit); Current:±(read values 0.5% + 3bit)
Panel lock Yes
Storage/out of 10groups
General Features
Power AC100V/120V/220V/240V ±10%,50/60Hz(optional)
Size 340(l)* 215(w)* 140mm(h),6.9Kg
Accessories Output line: 3pcs, product instructions: 1pc, power cord: 1pc
Matching USB interface, Communication software



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