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HT3000PB Series

Three channels, 0-30V output; 0-3A/0-5A Current output; Two LEDS Display output current and voltage.

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  • SMD adhesive sheet element technology for internal PCB construction
  • Two LEDS Display output current and voltage
  • Multiloop high precision voltage regulation
  • Progressive current regulation
  • Dual terminal system Safety test style or expandable screw terminals
  • Overload protection circuit
  • Low ripple voltage:<1mVp-p
  • Output polarity:positive or negative
  • Rugged reinfirced metal frame construction
Model HT3003PB HT3005PB
Output Voltage 0-30Vx2, 5V 0-30V, 5V
Output Current 0-3Ax2, 3A 0-5Ax2, 3A
Input Voltage 220V±10%,  50Hz±2Hz(current <5A)
Source effect CV1x10-4+5mV, CC1x10-4+6mA,
Loard effect CV1x10-4+2mV (current5A);
CV1x10-4+5mV (current>5A);
Ripple & Noise CV1mV(rms); CV20mVP-P;
CC3mA(rms); CC50mAP-P;
Protection Current Limiting
Voltage Accuracy Reading±1% ±2 digits
Current Accuracy Reading±2% ±2 digits
Environment Ambient Temperature:0-40; Humidity:<90%