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HT3000PF Series

Two channels, 0-30V output; 0-3A/0-5A Current output; LCD display to show regulated voltage and current.

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Utilizes SMT technology.

LCD display to show regulated voltage and current.

Green/Amber LCD back-light selectable.

Auto interchangeable of regulated voltage and current.

Multi-turn variable device to provide high precision voltage setting.

Step-by-step current limit setting.

Auto-tracking on PARALLEL and SERIAL working condition.

Extended output terminal connection.

Continuously working under full loaded condition

Model HT3003PF HT3005PF
Output Voltage 0-30V 0-30V
Output Current 0-3A 0-5A
Input Voltage 110/220V±10%,  50Hz~60Hz
Voltage effect CV≤1x10-4+3mV, CC≤2x10-4+6mA
Load effect CV≤2x10-4+3mV, CC≤2x10-4+6mA
Ripple & Noise CV≤0.5mVrms
Protection Current Limiting
Voltage Accuracy Reading±1% ±1 digit
Current Accuracy Reading±2% ±2 digit
Environment Ambient Temperature: 0-40℃; Humidity: <90%